An interview with Alexander James Baxter, founder & owner of Baxter&Baxter


So, tell us how Baxter&Baxter came to be?
I've always had an enormous passion for clothing. When I first began experimenting with designs and materials it was all so simple. I was just following my passion and not taking too much consideration about the market or any other elements. It was purely for the pleasure of designing and making things. However, due to the incredible response my products were receiving, I began to turn my passion into a business. Since launching the brand we've received international recognition and our products have been featured in GQ and ELLE.

Which of your products are you most proud of?
Our new collection of Ancient Madder silk neckties are a truly unique piece that I'm particularly proud of. The creative process for these neckties is particularly interesting.

Did you always dream of working in fashion?
Despite having an enormous passion for menswear, I always thought I'd work in the film industry. After graduating with a degree in filmmaking and cinematography, I began working for a film production company. It was a wonderful experience and I was fortunate enough to work on some great projects, including music videos and fashion shoots. However, I came to realise my true passion was menswear. Many of the skills I developed throughout my time in film have aided my running of the business, particularly the creative aspect of it. I'm responsible for shooting all of our campaigns and product imagery. 

Fashion or style?
Fashion isn't a word I'm particularly fond of. The pace of fashion is so fast nowadays. Fashion takes our attention away from ourselves, whereas style brings our attention directly to ourselves. Rather than following trends, we produce timeless pieces. Our products are the future classics of your wardrobe. 

When someone at a party asks you to describe your brand, what do you say?
It's a bit of a loaded question - and depending on the setting and my mood the answer can either be "pretty much what I'm wearing" or "classic, timeless and quintessentially English."

What was your last "regular" job?
Before Baxter&Baxter, I worked with a camera crew for a film production company. Is that a "regular" job?

What's the last piece of clothing you bought for yourself, and where'd you buy it?
I bought a classic slim-fit white shirt from Turnbull & Asser (the best shirtmaker around). But, of course, when it comes to accessories I'm wearing Baxter&Baxter.

Who would you most like to see wearing your collection?
Although everyone is welcome to wear my pieces, I would be thrilled if Sir Michael Caine were to wear Baxter&Baxter. Of course, he's a brilliant actor but there's also something quintessentially English about his style and manner.

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