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Our Story

Discover the world of Baxter&Baxter 

Artisan-crafted. Suffolk inspired.



Handcrafted luxury



At Baxter&Baxter, we strive to provide accessories of a superior quality, sourcing only the finest materials and working with highly-skilled craftsman. The combination of high quality materials and the imagination of our design team give our products a look and feel that is instantly recognizable as a Baxter&Baxter creation.

 Founder Alexander James Baxter on the cover of  Gentleman Q .

Founder Alexander James Baxter on the cover of Gentleman Q.

 Handcrafted bracelet from  Baxter&Baxter.

Handcrafted bracelet from Baxter&Baxter.


The Lifestyle



Founded in 2015 by Alexander James Baxter, Baxter&Baxter offer timeless accessories for the modern gentleman with an unrivalled dedication to quality and artisanal excellence.

We believe the art of dressing is in the details. The details of your outfit are a great way to express personality and taste. We understand the importance of individuality and independence. Baxter&Baxter offer the modern gentleman an opportunity to express their own personality and individuality. 

 Woodbridge Tide Mill at sunset.

Woodbridge Tide Mill at sunset.

 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing in the Suffolk countryside.

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing in the Suffolk countryside.


The Location



Sometimes it's the people who inspire great ideas and sometimes it's the enchanting setting of a place that sets an idea in motion. Baxter&Baxter is based in the quintessential riverside market town of Woodbridge, Suffolk. Founder Alexander James Baxter spent his childhood roaming the Suffolk countryside and knew it was the perfect place to start Baxter&Baxter

The picturesque location has been an inspiration to countless artists, writers, composers and poets over the centuries. With a wealth of culture, art, heritage and natural beauty, Suffolk has remained the one place that inspires our team's passion and creativity.

All purchases from Baxter&Baxter are carefully prepared and packaged at our workshop in Woodbridge, Suffolk.


"Our products are reflections of our personality & passion."