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 Photo courtesy of  Jemma Watts Photography .

Photo courtesy of Jemma Watts Photography.


Founded in 2015 by Alexander James Baxter, Baxter&Baxter offer timeless accessories for the modern gentleman with an unrivalled dedication to quality and artisanal excellence.

We believe the art of dressing is in the details. The details of your outfit are a great way to express personality and taste. We understand the importance of individuality and independence. Baxter&Baxter gives the modern gentleman an opportunity to express their own personality and individuality. 

Baxter&Baxter is based in the historical market town of Woodbridge, Suffolk. Suffolk is an area of outstanding natural beauty which inspires our passion and creativity. From scenic English countryside, to medieval villages, the spirit of Suffolk shines though our work.



Our products are reflections of our personality and passion. Classic and timeless with a contemporary twist, we create products that you will want to wear for years and years to come. 

We strive to provide products of a superior quality, sourcing only the finest materials. All Baxter&Baxter products are hand-crafted to the highest quality by niche manufacturers and hand-finished in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. Our neckties and pocket squares are handmade in Italy to the highest quality by skilled artisans. Our cashmere is sourced from cashmere goats in Mongolia, where climate, geography and herding traditions are ideal for the production of the longest and finest cashmere. Bracelets and lapel pins are delicately assembled by hand in England. We are proud to work with skilled artisans who are truly masters of their craft. 

All purchases are prepared at our workshop in Woodbridge, Suffolk and carefully packaged by hand in our signature gift boxes.